AR Advertising

Want Snapchat-like premium AR ad units with global reach? We have you covered ~ web, iOS, Android and Unity.


DeepAR has partnered with a number of innovative mobile ad networks to integrate the DeepAR Ads SDK ~ enabling unique, advanced AR ad unit when and where you want them ~ with global reach.

 Teads is The Global Media Platform - and they have pioneered AR for HTML5 ads. They have united and empowered the best publishers in the world and distribute ads to over 1.4 Billion people every month within professionally-produced content.


Being data-driven innovators with solid expertise and creative vision, Airpush provides disruptive and high performing monetization and advertising solutions. With billions of impressions, 12 formats, including AR, all accessible from a single interface.


Try out a few demos of our HTML5 Ad Formats (they all work on iOS and Android and Unity as well). You need to be using Chrome or Safari - either Desktop or Mobile - just make sure your laptop or smartphone has a camera ... get ready to be wowed!

Reuse your Snapchat Filters

Snap ads are awesome and expensive. Often the campaigns are short. DeepAR's AR Advertising technology allows you to reuse your existing AR Advertising content (from Facebook and Instagram as well) and run it in HTML5, across numerous other global advertising networks.

Major Brands like Absolut, Armani, Sephora and Rayban area already realising the power of AR ad campaigns