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Advanced Beauty + Makeup

Enable Makeup Try-on and Advanced Beauty Effects with this amazing Add-on

Makeup AR is not Simple

But with this add-on for the DeepAR SDK you can be up and running within hours. We've spent the last year building, fine-tuning and testing our beauty and makeup AR features with some of the biggest names in the business including Sephora and Chanel.

Skin Smoothing

We provide you with advanced skin smoothing filters and algorithms, so that you can reduce blemishes, wrinkles and other signs of ageing in real time. It's all fully configurable.

Eye Makeup

The Advanced Beauty and Makeup add-on give you the full set of blendshapes, shaders and textures you need for eye-brows, eye-shadow and eyelashes. Super accurate tracking, and a variety of configurable elements to get your makeup AR experience working as quickly as possible.


The DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK also allows users to paint and draw on their own face in real time, maintaining stickiness to the facial features. This yields some amazing real time results ~ and opens the door for User Generated Content.


You now have the ability to adjust people's faces: from slimmer jawlines, to finer or wider nose, to thinner lips to fuller lips. You can make eyes wider, or larger, or smaller or slimmer. You can make eyebrows thicker, or thinner, wider or narrower. Visualise beauty changes in realtime.


The advanced beauty add-on also allows you to brighten teeth with a variety of options around intensity. All in real time, all super accurate.


And all these effects work together to provide a great advanced beauty and make-up toolkit.

Realtime Hair Colour Changing

DeepAR has the most advanced realtime hair colour changing SDK on the market. Using advanced mobile optimised deep learning techniques, developed with the input of hundreds of thousands of sample images and videos, you can now change hair colour instantly. Read below about our Hair Colour Segmentation SDK add-on below.