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Welcome to another fun DeepAR tutorial!  This this is a tutorial on how to create a headband. It covers modelling, texturing and positioning the headband on the head. This approach will work for any other rigid 3d asset that you want to place on the face; like a pair of glasses a hat or a moustache.

In this case we will start with the with the texture for this particular tutorial. Don’t bother about the smaller stripes, only the upper one. We will export our texture and we will open as a reference in Maya. We will start to model on top of that reference we will be using a technique known as 2.5D.

You can use the modelling approach that you prefer in this case since most of the time you will be facing your camera. This approach really works. Now I want to give it some depth in order to go around the head. Now it’s time to create our UVs. We’re going to do a planar projection and now we can apply the file as a texture.

Now we’re going to place it on the head. We’re going to use the dense mesh as a reference. We’ll rotate it 25 degrees in the x axis and we will adjust the position of the headband we will give a little bit more of depth to really contour around the head and apply a smooth operator in order to have smaller lines and now we can export the FBX file in 2011 or 2012 binary format to the DeepAR Studio app.

Import the FBX and the texture. Now you can assign the texture to the shader and you just press refresh model.

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