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Updated: Nov 4, 2018

Welcome to DeepAR tutorials!  

The DeepAR SDK lets you easily integrate your own filters, masks, lenses colours filters and animated effects or all the combinations of these that you like.

Our SDK provides two kinds of facial tracking points tracking and dense mesh. The first one tracks individual facial features and from there you can use those points to deform your own 3d mesh you can use as many points as you like according to your needs or you can parent assets to a specific point like we did with this big cigar the dense mesh is an automatically generated polygonal mesh full of detail that deforms and adjusts in realtime to the subjects face it behaves just like a second skin. This is perfect for facial painting or celebrity masks.

You can use any 3d software that you like Autodesk’s Maya or Blender and you can export your own creations using the FBX format you can test your creations in DeepAR Studio right away there you will find a handful of features like the material editor where you can make your textures look good. You also have layers so you can put different assets on top or behind the others. You have a transformation editor in case your mask is a bit off and you need to adjust animated textures blend shapes. And of course the big live preview window.

If you have any feedback please do get in touch with us!