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Welcome to another DeepAR Tutorial. This one is about the DeepAR Studio app. It’s the environment where you can try and you can test your own filters and masks before you actually import them into your own apps (via the SDK).

You start off by opening DeepAR Studio, then you can press “file import” and select the FBX option, just make sure that you export your to the assets (from a design tool like Autodesk’s Maya or Blender in the FBX format).

I have a few examples here ready to to load. Let’s try this one this one is a simple morphing mask. It’s basically a blend shape that deforms in the dense mesh. So let’s just open it and in this case in this particular case since it’s only a mesh there is no need for textures or materials to be added.  In this instance you just need to refresh the model and there you have it!

So this is a quick way to see how things are looking before you actually import them into your app (and the SDK).

Let’s open a facial mask – press import again let’s go for can us see my FBX file I just click open and now I want to import my own texture so I go in this button right here add texture. In my case it’s this one it’s a PNG since we want to have smooth borders we want to deal with transparency so I just open it and here you have your outline your inner key with everything that you have in your file.

If you click here the corresponding material will be highlighted so it’s a it’s a good way to understand which either represents its geometry so let’s press number 7 it’s the only one in this case and I want to load my texture here and now I can press refresh model and there you have it!

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