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Live Interactive Video & AR 

Create rich customer experiences by bringing people together globally through live AR infused video sessions. The Vonage Video API makes it easy to build a custom video experience within any mobile, web, or desktop application and DeepAR provides you with all the AR features one might need including background segmentation, professional lighting, lenses, masks, filters and much more.


State of the Art Video API 

The Vonage Video API (formerly TokBox OpenTok) makes it easy to build custom video experiences within any mobile, web, or desktop application. The scalable “pay-as-you-go” pricing model makes it suitable for businesses of any size. It has all the features you would expect from a modern video conferencing tool like recording, voice, messaging, audio detection, screen sharing, and many more.

Easy to Integrate AR Filters for your Video Streams

Vonage Video API natively integrates with the DeepAR SDK that allows you to include high-quality AR face filters for your video calls; from beauty and makeup effects (including skin smoothing) to fun Snapchat-like filters, you can now add any effect you dream up to your video calls. DeepAR's patented face-tracking uses the latest deep-learning technology to provide the highest accuracy face and feature tracking for the best possible customer experience.


Background Segmentation

The DeepAR SDK allows you to add amazingly precise, real-time background removal to your video calls. Replace the background with a blur, a beautiful island background, or even a video background. You can even add professional lighting effects for your gaming streams or your next big meeting. 

Beauty, Makeup and Hair Coloring

To make AR even more fun, the DeepAR SDK can apply stunning beauty filters including changing people’s hair color in realtime, adding makeup effects like lipstick, eyeshadows and eyelashes, skin smoothing, foundation make-up and much more. Add this additional feature to improve your face filters and improve your ability to deliver comprehensive beauty and makeup effects.


Multi-Platform Optimised Performance

The DeepAR SDK has been created to take full advantage of modern Operating Systems and hardware. Whether you want to run AR effects on iOS, Android, HTML5, macOS, Windows, or Unity, we have you covered.

How to use Vonage with DeepAR

In the first of the series of blog posts, we give you an overview of just how easy it is to use these two technologies together in your next project.


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