Advanced Beauty + Makeup

Enable Makeup Try-on and Advanced Beauty Effects with this amazing Add-on


Makeup AR is not Simple

But with this add-on for the DeepAR SDK you can be up and running within hours. We've spent the last year building, fine-tuning and testing our beauty and makeup AR features with some of the biggest names in the business including Sephora and Chanel.


Beauty and Makeup features

We provide you with the tools to create any AR beauty and makeup look imaginable. 

Skin smoothing

Clear out any skin imperfections with our advanced skin smoothing shaders. Fine-tune the smoothing level for each skin tone and skin type.  

Face makeup

Professional skin and base makeup layer which includes foundation, highlights, contours, bronzer, and blush tools fitting for all face shapes. 


Eyelashes, eyeshadows, eyeliner, retina color, watery eyes effects - we have it all with. Tons of predefined styles and colors for endless eye makeup variations.


Apply your own lipstick palette to a wide variety of lipstick styles like matte, liner or glossy. Then spice it up with some lipstick glitter too.


Achieve the perfect face shape with over  10 face modifications like a smaller nose, thinner face, bigger eyes, rounder chin for the perfect selfie app. 

Hair coloring

Realtime high-performance hair coloring like no other. Supports simple static and animated hair coloring effects. Why you ask? Why not :) 

Background segmentation

Pair the makeup effect with a perfect background setting for a complete and immersive look.  


Combine Beauty with our standard SDK and add elements to your looks like flowery eyeshadows, diamond decorations or glittery cheeks.

Photo filters

Add an emotional mood to your selfies with our filters feature. Control the filter intensity to get the perfect lighting.

Try it in action

Check out all the features live in our Beauty3000 iOS app for iPhones and iPads 

Beauty SDK packages

We've created several tailor-made beauty packages to best suit your needs and budget. Whether you need just a small push to get you started or you want a full-fledged beauty solution we've got you covered.

Effortless AR Makeup and Beauty

DeepAR has the most advanced realtime AR Makeup and Beauty solution on the market. Using advanced mobile and web-optimized deep learning techniques, we strive to provide the most realistic AR effects out there which can be implemented in no time and are easy to use. Whether you sell makeup products, have a video chat app or want to make your users look good we've got you covered. 

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