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Face Filters made simple

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Creating face filters and masks is hard work. Our team has been working on 3D face filters, masks and effects for over 4 years, bringing together some of the best experience from 3D gaming, design, film and animation so that you can bring an amazing AR experience to your users.

Full-stack AR SDK

We created DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK so that any developer could add face filters, masks and special effects to their app or website in a matter of minutes. DeepAR is full-stack Augmented Reality SDK that gives you everything you need to start engaging more with your users.

Face Filters

Hyper Realistic Face Filters, Effects and Masks

The DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK has 100s of hyper-realistic masks + effects (with 40 included for free): covering celebrities, animals, creatures.

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Special FX

Mobile Optimized Special FX

The DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK has a large (and growing) collection of Special FX including: breathing fire, tears, vomit, popping hearts, fireworks, sparklers, bubbles, laser eyes.

Woman with hearts AR effect above her head - she's in LUURVEExcited man with fireworks AR filter above his head
Woman vomiting a rainbow. At least there will be a pot of gold at the end...or is that sweetcorn?Woman with heart AR effect over her eyes. She's also in luuurve.

3D Models & Objects

Realtime 3D models and objects

The DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK does tracking and animation of all kinds of rigid 3D objects: NFL helmets, flower crowns, Daft Punk helmets, or bunny ears – basically anything you can imagine.

A Guy Fawkes / anon style face mask wearing Hawaiian flowers.
A russian lookin' red silk and golden crown
A scary halloween pumpkin!
A freaky oldschool diving helmet

User Generated AR

Realtime Drawing & Painting Masks

The DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK also allows users to paint and draw on their own face in real time, maintaining stickiness to the facial features. This yields some amazing real time results ~ and opens the door for User Generated Content.

Photo Filters

Realtime Video + Photo Filters

The DeepAR Augmented Reality SDK has countless filters for both video and photo modes: from greyscale, sepia, to vintage video, colour distortion, beauty and numerous other filters. It’s like Instagram … but better!

Creator Studio

Combine masks, special effects and filters

Unlike any other app on the market DeepAR SDK allows users to combine ALL effects in realtime, allowing for the ultimate in user-generated creativity.

Mockup of our DeepAR Creator Studio desktop software editing a face filter of a viking hat + football glasses.
Fly lookin' 3D price label.

Simple pricing

Benefit from every feature, pay as you grow.

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Create an account for free and integrate the SDK within minutes. We even have a load of prebuilt integrations to make your life easier. Or if you prefer, get in touch with us over here.