Craft, modify, and enhance your augmented reality content

DeepAR Studio is a platform for AR asset creation within DeepAR SDK that gives you the toolkit to create effects driven by face motion, expression & body movement

Cross Compatible

Creator Studio supports .fbx, .obj, .gltf and .dae models created by any 3D modelling tools, including Maya and Blender.

Combine Features

Fuse rigid objects, deformable masks, morph masks and post processing effects to create original AR experiences.

Create Faster

Create advanced AR effects quickly with common use case templates like shoe try-on, makeup, background segmentation and face filters.

Get started with Templates

Begin with a variety of pre-designed templates or create bespoke AR experiences with scripting.

Extensive Documentation and helpful Tutorial library

Dive into a detailed documentation and enhance your skills with our versatile tutorial library.

Join our Community Forum

Connect with fellow creators on DeepAR Forum to learn and get help as you bring your AR ideas to life.

Ready to start using DeepAR Studio?

Download DeepAR Studio for free and get started with one of our AR templates. Or if you prefer, get in touch with us over here.

Woman with hearts AR effect above her head - she's in LUURVEExcited man with fireworks AR filter above his head
Woman vomiting a rainbow. At least there will be a pot of gold at the end...or is that sweetcorn?Woman with heart AR effect over her eyes. She's also in luuurve.