Add 3D Face Masks, Filters, Background Replacement and Blur to any app, website or game with one powerful SDK.

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Use cases

How developers use DeepAR

Add 3D face masks and effects ~ as well as live video background replacement and blue, hair colour changing and many other features ~ with better performance than Snapchat in a powerful SDK built for iOS, Android, HTML5 and macOS.

Video Chat Apps

DeepAR provides all the tools you need to add AR features to your video chat app.

AR Advertising

DeepAR is pioneering AR advertising at scale with the DeepAR Ads SDK. With a reach of billions of across HTML5, iOS and Android AR ad formats, you can now take your AR and interactive camera campaigns to a new level.

Virtual Try-on

Revolutionize retail customer experience with augmented reality. Customers can try on make up, hair color, glasses, clothes, shoes and watches inside your website or app.

Shoe Try-on

Thousands of high-end footware styles for a seamless try-before-buy AR commerce.

AR Effect Apps

Get 3D Face Filters and Masks in any App or Website.


Designed for developers, by developers

Join an active community of over 6,000 developers around the world using the DeepAR SDK to add awesome 3D face masks, filters and other AR effects to apps that interact with over 60 million users each month.

    import { DeepAR } from 'deepar';
    const deepAR = new DeepAR({
      licenseKey: 'your_license_key_here',  
      canvas: document.getElementById('deepar-canvas'),  
      deeparWasmPath: 'path/to/deepar.wasm',
      callbacks: {     
        onInitialize: () => {         
          deepAR.switchEffect(0, 'mask', 'path/to/super_cool_mask_filter');


Add AR to any platform within minutes

Add 3D face masks, effects and more with better performance than Snapchat in a powerful SDK built for iOS, MacOS, Android and HTML5.

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Are you looking for AR effects or app development for your DeepAR project? Our dedicated partners of world-class creative agencies and freelancers can help!

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