August 17, 2022

Create Shoe Try-On in DeepAR Studio 👟

We’re very excited to announce foot tracking is now supported in DeepAR Studio!

Shoe behemoth brands like Nike, Adidas, All Birds, Reebok, Asics and Gucci have been launching virtual shoe try-on campaigns and transforming online shoe shopping. Amazon announced the launch of their new feature ‘Virtual Try-on for Shoes’ earlier this summer.

Our aim with Deep ARs Shoe Try-On technology is to help shoe brands stand out from their competition by providing an enhanced customer experience. 

"70% of consumers feel that finding clothes online that fit is really difficult, and returns are a $550 billion problem for businesses."  - Forbes

3D virtual try-on makes businesses more profitable and sustainable by reducing returns. AR try-on experiences have also been shown to increase revenues and online conversion rates.

“Brands like Dior have already seen a 6.2x return on ad spend while utilizing the [AR try-on] tech.” - Forbes

All customers have to do is point their device at their feet and they will be immediately wearing a digital version of your product. The ‘try-before-you-buy’ feature is becoming more popular as customers can see how their favourite pair of shoes fit before they commit to buying, all from the comfort of their home.

It's easy to import 3D models and build your own shoe try-on experience using DeepAR Studio. Currently, shoe try-on is Web-only but iOS and Android are coming very soon.

💡 To get your project up and running, follow this Virtual Shoe Try-on Demo Project. We've also made a quick shoe try-on setup tutorial to help you create a custom AR experience.

Check out our Shoe Try-On page to learn more.




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