March 21, 2023

DeepAR Studio v4.1

DeepAR Studio v4.1.0 packs in a bunch of exciting new features that make it easier than ever to create body AR experiences that can run on any platform.

DeepAR is an augmented reality creation tool which is used for turning 3D models into interactive augmented reality experiences. You can use DeepAR SDK to create everything from shoe try-on to face swap effects in any web, iOS or Android app. Get started here.

Let’s dive into what’s new.

New Studio Tutorials

We are constantly working on new content and have been releasing new tutorials to help you start your DeepAR journey and answer the most frequently asked questions about Studio. There are a variety of topics ranging from editing a texture to setting up physics and scripting in DeepAR Studio.

You can find the full playlist on our YouTube channel or directly on our Docs page.

Footwear Try-On

We’ve worked hard on our foot-tracking technology to create an ultra-realistic virtual shoe try-on.  Now, any AR-ready 3D model of a shoe can be imported into DeepAR Studio and turned into an experience like this.

Open our shoe try-on template in DeepAR Studio to see how it’s put together, and simply swap out the 3D files for your own.

You can use our Footwear try-on quick start guide to begin.

Videos in Web Browser Preview

In the DeepAR web preview, you can now choose from a range of preview videos to get a better idea of how your AR effects will look in action. And that’s not all, you also have the option to upload your own video to preview, allowing for greater customization and flexibility in your creative process.

But the best part? You can even record a video of your AR effect in action and download it to share with others! This feature not only makes it easier for you to test and refine your AR effects but also helps you showcase your work to others in a more engaging and interactive way.

Optimization Tips on Export

When it comes to exporting your effect, DeepAR Studio will calculate your project size and total poly count. If your project is within the 8MiB recommended maximum size, you will see a green tick. If it is larger, the pop-up will give you recommendations on optimizing larger files.

👉 We have also created a handy guide all about how to create the best-performing AR effects. Check it out here.

Reimporting Texture Files After a Change

The process of creating an AR effect rarely happens just inside DeepAR Studio. Sometimes you need to jump back into a tool like Photoshop to tweak a texture design. This can become cumbersome if you find yourself constantly reimporting this new texture into the Studio, so we streamlined this step. Now, changes made to your texture file will be automatically imported into DeepAR Studio. 🥳

Animation Builder

We created the animation builder as an easier way to animate 3D objects without using scripting. Import 3D models with animations, sounds or animated textures and link them to AR triggers such as 'On Mouth Opened', 'On Mouth Closed' or 'On Animation End'.


We have added an app installer that seamlessly supports both MacOS and Windows platforms and makes the installation process smoother.

💡 As always, you can see a detailed list of updates in the DeepAR Studio changelog and you can download the Studio here.

Thanks, and happy creating!


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