November 10, 2022

How DeepAR SDK enabled Lifeprint to sell 350k cordless printers and print over 35 million “active” photos

🚀 350,000 devices sold globally
🚀 Over 35 million photos printed


Lifeprint is a portable printer company built on patent pending technology. The printers can quickly print high quality photos and stickers. Lifeprint also features a powerful companion app (available on iOS and Android) that allows you to collect all your photos and videos from your Camera Roll, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - and then embed them into any printed photo.

AR-Powered Hyperphotos

Lifeprint has practically reinvented photos with the introduction of "Hyperphotos". When you print a photo from the Lifeprint printer and point your smartphone camera at it the photo will come to life and a video will play - making the print look like an animated photo on your phone's screen. DeepAR’s augmented reality technology was instrumental in bringing this experience to life.

The Lifeprint app includes some Potter-themed filters (as well as conventional ones). Lifeprint has also set up a social network for users of this printer.

Why DeepAR?

Lifeprint chose to work with DeepAR in 2018 after conducting a comprehensive analysis of the Augmented Reality SDK market. DeepAR provided the most accurate and highest performance face and body tracking AR technology. Lifeprint and DeepAR have been working together since 2018.

“We are super excited to be working with DeepAR to bring our vision of making your photos and videos truly interactive. Their team and technology has helped us bring the magic of Harry Potter hundreds of thousands of users!”

— Chaim Piekarski, CEO of CA Global (owners of Lifeprint)

Why we like DeepAR:

🔥 Their SDK works seamlessly on our printers and with our Hyperphoto technology.

🎯 Accurate and fast. Compared to other solutions on the market the DeepAR tracking was fast to load, very accurate and high performance.

✅ Easy to get started with. Compared to others SDKs, the DeepAR's Face Tracking and Logo Tracking technology were the quickest and most straightforward to integrate.

🙌 Well-supported. The SDK had detailed documentation, and the team were quick to answer client questions.

💎 DeepAR AR Studio. DeepAR has a powerful and free-to-use desktop Studio application that allows us to create amazing AR filters and experiences for free. They also have premium filters available and a large design team to support us.


The Lifeprint Portable Printer has been an international success; over 350,000 devices have been sold globally with an equal number of app downloads and users. People have been massively engaged, thanks in great part to the seamless AR experience integration, printing over 35 million photos.

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