February 1, 2023

Kinzoo Increases Engagement and Retention 4x with DeepAR's Face SDK

🚀 The 30-day retention rate is 2x for users who use DeepAR AR filters
🚀 The 60-day retention is 4x higher for kids who get involved with AR experiences
🚀 Users who try AR filters tend to visit at least 3 to 4 times per week


Kinzoo is a Canadian company that believes in the positive power of technology - they build apps that give kids and parents the best of the digital world. With hundreds of thousands of Monthly Active Users and thousands of 5-star reviews on the App Stores, Kinzoo brings together the best of digital storytelling, messaging and video communication.


Kinzoo has a successful collection of mobiles apps (iOS and Android) and a web app. In its ongoing pursuit of new ways delight its customers, Kinzoo wanted to bring high-quality filters and effects so kids and families could experience market- leading augmented reality experiences like those offered by Snapchat and Instagram.

After scouring the market for available suppliers, Kinzoo was excited to partner with DeepAR, which they felt best aligned with their objectives for their product and growth aspirations.


Kinzoo has integrated the DeepAR SDK into their wildly popular Messenger app, providing a wide range of face filters and AR effects for kids to enjoy with their parents. Kids want the features that exist on adult platforms and Kinzoo brings these experiences to them in an age-appropriate way. Kinzoo now gives parents the control to ensure their children are enjoying “kid safe” face filters without any worry or fuss.

“At Kinzoo, our job is to consistently delight our customers.

With a user base that spans 4-year-olds to 94-year-olds it can sometimes be challenging to create experiences that are enjoyable for all.

In working with DeepAR we’ve been able to deliver fun and engaging AR-based experiences to our users which have been immensely successful in creating moments between family and friends that may not have otherwise happened.

Why DeepAR?

Kinzoo ultimately chose to work with DeepAR for a number of reasons:

  • An experienced team based in Europe and the United States
  • Simple to integrate SDK with great documentation (it takes a few hours)
  • Powerful SDK with a multitude of features; from face filters, virtual try-on, overlays, video background replacement, hair colour changing
  • A more scalable pricing structure given Kinzoo’s growth objectives (we don’t charge you for additional features)
  • An extensive library of free and paid-for AR filters and effects
  • A power Studio tool that allows you to create as much AR content and assets as you want for free
  • A friendly, responsive and supportive Customer Success Team

Success Criteria

Using the DeepAR SDK has been highly successful for Kinzoo; the main metrics that AR filters have been able to drive are engagement and retention. On the engagement side, those users who try AR filters tend to visit at least 3 to 4 times per week (unprompted). On the retention side, the 30-day retention rate for users who use DeepAR AR filters is 2x those who do not, and the 60-day retention is almost 4x higher for kids who get involved with AR experiences.

Kinzoo demonstrates that AR is a truly powerful way to engage both parents and kids, and make that engagement safe, meaningful and long lasting.

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